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OSINT Training for Pentesters

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Attention Cyber Security enthusiasts! SecPro, a leader in digital security testing and training, will be present at Defcon 31 in Las Vegas!, and we are excited to present our OSINT for PENTESTER COURSE!

Learn from our OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) experts how to gather valuable information to perform effective penetration testing. From basic information gathering to advanced information finding,using different tools and techniques including AI and Prompt Engineering; our course will cover everything you need for your investigations.

Join us at Defcon 31 to learn first-hand how our methodology has helped hundreds of companies identify and fix vulnerabilities in their systems. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge in cyber security!

Day 2:

  • Hour 1: Artificial intelligence for OSINT and Attack Surface Detection

  • Intro and Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • Using ChatGPT and other Chatbots for Attack Surface Detection

  • Prompt Engineering for Attack Surface Detection and OSINT – (List of Prompts ready to use are going to be provided)


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