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We love to share knowledge and resources with the community; here you are going to find one part of our treasures.


What we Do

Free Mentoring

We know about the huge gap in Cybersecurity Practitioners and the Worldwide Corporations needs; We are very conscious that only 24% of the Cybersecurity workforce are Women and only 9% are African American; that’s way we provide free mentoring sessions for any person that wants to participate thru our Twitch Channel, and we publish the recordings in our YouTube Channel. We inform about this sessions in our Twitter.

Our Media Channels

YouTube and Twitch becomes our favorite ways to share knowledge, techniques, tools, methodologies, tricks and more;  we talk about Hacking, OSINT, Pentesting, Malware Analysis, Forensics, Python, etc. please come to visit us!

Our Tools

Some of our conferences

Our Slides

We participate in a lot of different events Online (Webinar Style) or In-Person sharing knowledge about our Research, Cybersecurity, OSINT, Cyber hygiene, etc.;  feel free to review our slides!


We Share useful Cybersecurity Training materials in our GitHub; Take a look!

Here you are going to find Course Materials (Training), Slides, Interesting Links, Code and more!

Do you want a Free Cybersecurity talk for a School?

We are more than happy to prevent that kids suffer the results of a cyber predator; just let us know your needs and we can provide a free online or in-person (DMV Area) talk with a lot of demonstrations in a very interesting and funny way, about cyber risks.


Please let us know how we can improve our labor to share the Cybersecurity Knowledge in a better way;

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