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24+ years in the Cybersecurity Market;
Certified: ISO27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015,  Ec-Council ATC

Our Portfolio

Services Portfolio based on a corporate security model in order to reduce the events that represent a risk of loss and unavailability of systems and information. Each one of our Services is configured to your specific needs, having in mind your Budget, best solution scenario and long term relationship.

We are your best Cybersecurity Partner

We establish long-term alliances with our customers and partners; we understand your needs and we work together to create the most secure environment for your organization, no matter the size, characteristics, market or Budget.

We are Leaders

We are a Leading company in the provision of services and solutions in Cybersecurity, Information Security and Training, providing world class services in more than 15 Countries.


Our customers’ information is considered a vital asset; therefore, it is protected with measures to ensure that it will not be disclosed to an unauthorized third party. As a matter of policy, we securely delete all customer information after the completion of a project.


Our processes have numerous controls in place to accurately identify and meet our customers’ requirements and SecPro’s own standards.

In a day by day most competitive world, the most important difference is the quality of the service; and our commitment is to provide the best in each one of our parameters.


We have an innovation program driven by our commitment to deliver differentiated services with greater value to our customers.

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+1 (802) 256-8316

2034 Eisenhower Ave # 170 Alexandria, VA 22314

Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm

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