Brand protection / Digital Surveillance

Creating a Brand or a Trademark can take Years of intense work, continuous effort, innovation and persistence;

Protecting this asset is a critical part that must be taken into account by those responsible for risk management in the organization.

Here we are not just talking about Big Brands, we are talking about any Organization, Company or Person with an online presence or running businesses with the help of technology, which may be affected by any of these circumstances:

  • Someone implements a fake domain with a similar name to attract a potential customer

  • A nefarious actor creates a mail server with a similar domain to send phishing, spam, or fake emails.

  • A malicious actor steals any of your social media accounts or creates a similar social media profile

  • Someone is using your logo as a representation of your brand

  • Many other cases that threaten your Brand or your information.

Our service allows you to receive an alert in case any of these previous cases materialize, and we help you take actions to neutralize or reduce the extent of the threat.

The General execution path of the service can be depicted here:

Brand Protection

Digital Surveillance for your Brand

Our service  helps to detect the legitimate and illegitimate presence of Client information, contemplating different spaces:

  • Internet

  • Deep Web

  • Dark Nets

We provide Continuous Monitoring activities in Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web, verification and follow-up for detection of threats in:

  • Social Networks Content and publications

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Fake Domains with similar names using different techniques.

  • Unathorized image usage

  • Corporate information leakage

  • Fake mail servers

  • Unauthorized trademark use for domains and subdomains

  • Source Code Leakage

  • Automatic cloning detection probe

  • Fake Digital Certificates (SSL/TLS)

  • Credit Card BIN

  • Among others.

We use proprietary and commercial tools in a hybrid schema to increase the detection range and to increase the speed of the alerts; our team is working 24/7 to protect your Brand.

Brand Protection

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