Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

When your Company becomes a target for a Cyber-criminal, one of the most probable attacks that your adversary is going to use against you is Social Engineering, sending fake Emails (Phishing), fake SMS (Smishing), fake Phone Calls (Vishing) or similar attacks; is easier for a malicious Hacker than try to bypass your Cybersecurity mechanisms and technologies; so the question is: is your personnel and coworkers ready to identify the different threats? and more important: to avoid be fooled by the nefarious actors?.

Our motto is: People is the first line of Cybersecurity for the Company and for their Families. 

This Training have a component of 80% Practice and Labs and 20% Theory, because cybersecurity should be practical, we provide knowledge that you can use immediately in your environment, share with your relatives, and increase your security.

We know that our information is not safe; we know that there are permanent risks and threats,trying to steal our Credit Card Information, Passwords,  emails, our bank accounts, our photos, etc.; In many cases, it is a matter of time before a motivated cyber criminal gains access to our data and decides to charge us a ransom for it, or publishes it for sale on some Internet  dark web site, records videos from our cell phones, listens to our conversations or worse:  gain access to our banking information, etc. In short: No one is completely safe.
But then what can we do? Are we defenseless in front of cyber criminals?; the answer is NO! Each one of us must take control of our Cybersecurity and the Cybersecurity of our  loved ones.
In this training we want to demystify Cybersecurity as something only for experts and put it, just as the name of the course suggests: Within Everyone’s Reach, where in a simple, clear, entertaining, totally demonstrative and practical way we will go through concepts, tools , habits and the correct way to use our devices and protect our information. This course is designed to improve the levels of cyber security and awareness of all people; it is aimed at all audiences, no matter the age; anyone who interacts with a device, a computer, a tablet, a cell phone, etc. In this course we talk about how a cyber criminal can affect you and how to avoid being a victim.

The final message is: The decision to be a victim or not of the cyber criminal, is in your hands.

  • Basic concepts
    • Definitions
    • Glossary
    • Technological Landscape
    • Current, Future Threats
  • How do I protect my family?
    • Parental control
    • Awareness for Everyone
    • Tools
  • How to protect the information Online?
    • Corporate Information
    • Personal information online
    • Managing my privacy
    • Guaranteeing my Privacy
    • Am I already hacked?
  • Where to look for help
  • How do I protect my devices?
    • PC (Windows)
    • Cell phones (Android / IOS)
    • Tablets (Android / IOS)
    • Tools 



  • Minimum CPU:
    • Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz+ or equivalent
  • Minimum RAM:
    • 8Gb
  • Hard Drive Space:
    • 1 Gb Free
  • Additional Software
    • PDF Reader
  • In Person In Alexandria, VA
  • Online with real time Instructor
  • Virtual at your own pace
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Certificate of Proficiency
    • At the end of the training the Student takes a test to be certified.
    • The Student have 2 attempts for this exam.

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