Malware Analysis


Malware Analysis Course Syllabus

Malware is short for malicious software, and refers to any type of harmful code that can infect your computer or mobile device. Malware can be used to steal personal information, damage data, or even take control of your devices; is one of the preferred tools used by malicious Hackers, that want to compromise your information or your infrastructure;

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your files or prevents you from accessing your system until you pay a ransom (usually in Bitcoin). Once ransomware has been installed on your system, it can be very difficult to remove without paying the ransom.

Some Malware can use  Zero-day exploits: A zero-day exploit is a type of cyber attack that takes advantage of previously unknown vulnerabilities in software or hardware products. Because these vulnerabilities have not been publicly disclosed or patched, they present a significant security risk since attackers can exploit them before victims are even aware that they exist. Zero-day exploits are often used in targeted attacks against high-value targets, such as government agencies or large companies

 This Training have a component of 80% Practice and Labs and 20% Theory.

The Malware Analyst  or Researcher career, requires a broad and sufficient level of knowledge to be able to deeply understand how systems, programs and potential dangers to which the technological infrastructure is exposed, work;

Every day new attacks come to light from the dreaded APT (Advanced Persistent Threat), software tools created by various actors (Governments, Criminals, etc.) that seek in most cases to steal information (CyberSpying), generate disinformation, etc.

The most advanced threats are often not detected by traditional protection tools (Antivirus, IDS, IPS, HIDS, etc.) so the reverser comes to play a major role in the analysis of suspicious objects.

With this course, participants acquire the necessary skills to take a malware or application, and turn it into an understandable group of components to determine its action and functioning.


  • Introduction and Concepts

    • Terms, definitions

    • Malware Types

    • Introduction to malware analysis

    • Sandbox Creation

  • Ransomware

    • Mechanisms of infection

    • Analysis of variations

    • Detection and monitoring

    • Preventive Measures

    • Incident Recovery Steps

  • Malware Analysis techniques

    • Static analysis

    • Dynamic analysis

    • Memory analys

  • Forensic techniques in malware analysis

    • RAM Capture

    • RAM Analysis

    • Process Extraction

    • File Extraction

  • ABC’s of APT

    • APT Groups

    • Modus Operandi

    • TTPs

    • APT Analysis

  • Tools and elements for detection and analysis

    • Linux Distros

    • Python Scripts

    • Other tools

  • Botnets

    • Dispersion mechanisms

    • Command and control

    • Protocols

    • Botnet infrastructure

    • Detection and monitoring

  • Malware research management


Student Requierements

  • Students should have a solid foundation in Computing, Networking and Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems.

Computer Requirements

  • Minimum CPU:

    • Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz+ or equivalent

  • Minimum RAM:

    • 8Gb desirable 16Gb

  • Hard Drive Space:

    • 60 Gb Free

  • Virtualization Software:

    • VmWare Player

    • VmWare Workstation

    • VirtualBox

  • We Provide all the Virtual Machines needed for this training


  • Additional Software

    • PDF Reader

  • In Person In Alexandria, VA

  • Online with real time Instructor

  • Virtual at your own pace

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Certificate of Proficiency

    • At the end of the training the Student present an Exam to validate the proficiency in all the subjects.

    • The Student have 2 attempts to pass this exam.

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