Osint for Pentesters Course

Osint / Attack Surface Detection for Pentesters Course Syllabus

OSINT, or Open Source Intelligence, is a type of intelligence gathering that relies on publicly available information. This can include things like social media posts, news articles, and even data that is readily available online but not necessarily well known. OSINT can be used for a variety of purposes, from research to marketing to security. Because it relies on public information, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to access, which makes it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike.

This Training have a component of 80% Practice and Labs and 20% Theory.

In this training we learn to discover the hidden information in plain sight; The student is going to learn and understand the best investigation techniques, methodologies and the latest tools that allow to collect the more accurate intelligence about the target, in a fast and precise way.

If you want to detect the attack surface for an specific Company, organization, Entity or for a group of Key persons, this is the training that you need; in this bootcamp hands-on style training, we provide the latest techniques and the most advanced tools not only to grab and detect the public information about an specific target, but to order and analize the information in the best possible way.

The entire training is Open Source oriented, so you do not need to pay for expensive licenses or tools, because we do everything with scripts and free tools, using python and bash.

We use an Tailored Linux Virtual machine that comes with all the tools and scripts already installed and ready to use, so the student do not loose time with setup and install of the needed tools.

You are going to learn: OSINT and Intelligence capturing methodology and analysis, Operational Security (Opsec) while you are doing research and investigation, Investigative accounts creation, IT Infrastructure Discovery; Email Discovery,  Personal Information discovery,  Leaks Discovery, Metadata Investigation, MetaSearch engines usage, Surface WEB, Deep WEB and Dark WEBs Investigation, username detection, public content download, mind maps usage and much more!.

Programming and Scripting are not required as a prerequisite, but in the training we are going to work with a lot of different scripts in Python, Bash and some Html, and we are going to explain in detail each one of the modifications and changes that we are going to execute in the tools, so the student can modify the scripts, bases in his or her own needs.

  • Introduction and Concepts
    • Intelligence Lifecycle
    • Recon
    • Investigation methodology
    • OSINT Cycle
  • OSINT for Infrastructure (Corporate Investigation)
    • Methodology
    • IT Assets
    • Fog Computing
    • DNS
    • Domains/Subdomains
    • Technologies
    • Providers
  • Your OSINT Lab (Included)
    • Linux Detective VM
  • OSINT: People Investigations
    • Methodology
    • Email Search
    • User Info Search
    • Reverse Search
    • Data Validation
    • PII Search
  • Sock Puppet Accounts
    • Methodology
    • Creation
    • Profiles
    • Disposable Info
    • Disposable Mails
    • Username Search
    • Images
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Reverse Image Search
  • OpSec
    • Methodology
    • Anonimization
    • Proxy
    • VPN
  • Geolocation
  • Internet Investigations:
    • Surface WEB
    • Deep WEB
    • Dark WEB
    • Decloacking
  • Leaks Search
  • Metadata
    • Images
    • Online Publications
    • Email
    • Web Sites
  • Fake News Detection


  • Minimum CPU:
    • Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz+ or equivalent
  • Minimum RAM:
    • 8Gb desirable 16Gb
  • Hard Drive Space:
    • 50 Gb Free
  • Virtualization Software:
    • VmWare Player
    • VmWare Workstation
    • VirtualBox
  • We Provide all the Virtual Machines needed for this training
  • Additional Software
    • PDF Reader
  • In Person In Alexandria, VA
  • Online with real time Instructor
  • Virtual at your own pace
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Certificate of Proficiency
    • At the end of the training if the Student decides to execute the Investigative Report about an specific target in 48 Hours, and the evaluation of the report is satisfactory, we provide a COI – Certificate OSINT Investigator Certification.

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