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Attack Surface Detection

Attack Surface Detection and Management (ASM)

Our Pentesting, Ethical Hacking, Red Team and Vulnerability Assessments, assure detection and assessment of technical security weaknesses and vulnerabilities present in your IT infrastructure environment, Including Cloud, DNS, Mail Servers, Web Servers, Internal Network, WiFi, etc.

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training

In our 26+ years experience we perfected our own methodology to provide the best trainings with main focus in practice (80%) and a curated component of Theory (20%), covering the Cybersecurity experts GAP that day by day affects millions of Companies in the world.

Cybersecurity - Ethical hacking

Human Breach Prevention

People: The most attacked target in any organization.

We perform diagnostic tests aimed to find out the level of awareness, to increase the human cybersecurity barrier or Human Firewall, using Practical Training and modern gamification.

Ethical hacking



We are a leading company providing Penetration Testing (Pentesting), Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Assessment, Training  services and comprehensive solutions in Cybersecurity and Information Security. Our mission is to offer our clients solutions that support the sustainable development of their organizations, in the safest way possible.

Protect the Company Information

To achieve our mission, we have developed, structured and consolidated a Portfolio of Services, based on a Corporate Security Model, aimed to prevent , control,  neutralize and reduce any threat that represent a risk of alteration, loss or unavailability of the Company Information.

Our Services

We create the most effective Services to protect your Company, Your Information and your Reputation

Come to Work with Us!!!

We are looking for young talent, passionate about cybersecurity; we train you for free and at the end we hire the best students!!!.

Cybersecurity For Everyone

We want anyone in the world to have access to high-quality knowledge and training; We know that women alone make up only 24% of the cyber workforce and only 9% of cybersecurity professionals are African American; This is how we created the Cybersecurity For All Initiative, providing free tutoring and training through our different Social Networks, such as YouTube and Twitch

Our Partners

Cybersecurity Training
Forging The Next CYBER Warriors!

Coro Networks

All-in-one cyber protection
Unparalleled defense. Unrivaled ease of use. Unmatched affordability.

Coro Networks

Military Spouse Employment Partnership


Our Corporate Values

SecPro is based in solid principles that allow us to be in the market by 17 years of uninterrupted operation with solid clients end employees relationships in 3 continents.


Each of us at SecPro deserves recognition of our personal value and rights. That’s why we maintain respectful personal and business relationships that enhance the working environment and the personal development of each individual.


Loyalty is one of the values that distinguish us; our actions over time speak for themselves, allowing us to consolidate a large group of clients and allies who believe in our work, our professionalism and our respect, living in an environment of mutual trust.


SecPro aims at equal opportunities and development; promoting individual and collective initiatives that enriches people both professionally and personally. One of our main efforts is called “Cybersecurity For Everyone”;  In this project, we are Mentors for Women and for African American people that wants to start their careers in Cyber Security thru Free Training and Support.


Our Approach to Cyber Security

We maintain a wide portfolio conformed of solutions supported by a solid infrastructure of Professional Services, which is based on a team of expert consultants and engineers, who have the most recognized international certifications awarded by the industry and extensive experience with companies from different economic sectors in North, Central and South America.

People: the most valuable Cyberdefense

Reduce the risk is not all about fancy technologies, is about people to be aware and prepared to front emerging threats.

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